My name is jolene and I am 28 years old, My birthday is on May 27th and that makes me a Gemini. I live in a group home which is not all that bad and I actually like it more then where I used to live. They seem to care more, I have friends here and I hang out with some people outside of here. Some people consider me a Bitch, others might say rude, I am not rude but I won’t deny that I can be a Bitch. I have and have been offically diagnosed with Shiczo-Effective disorder, borderline-borderline personality disorder (meaning I may have it) and PTSD. I am on several medications, and in Therapy. Soon I am going back to day treatment, because frankly I am sick of sitting at home all the time.


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I am in school, to a degree, I take online GED classes through the adult learning center. In the future I would like to go to school for computer programing and webdesign, I want to work and don’t want to be on SSI forever.



I have an 8 year old son named Roberto Jean – Tito, he is autistic and in the process of being given up for adoption which doesn’t fucking mean I am throwing him away, I also have 2 babies in Heaven. I am a Christian and currently single.



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  1. i think that pretty much sums up the description of you.hahaha
    (tryiing to be funny)

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